Somewhere on the outside

Who’ll give you time to cry. And time to find yourself. Who’ll give you time to cry And time to find yourself.  

heart for japan

Stop. Look. And Listen.

Some resonating reads on the internet ether (click on titles for the full-links) Mumbai and Paris “The horrific terrorist attack in Paris was likely modeled on an earlier terrorist horror, the November 26-29, 2008 attack in Mumbai, India, in which ten terrorists killed 164 and wounded more than 300. Mumbai has been studied by both … Continue reading



As  I was lying in bed one night this week, my eyes glanced towards a hand-made poppy on my bedside bookshelf. My darling K had kept it there quietly.  Everything leaves an impression in his mind, his heart. Before he fell asleep, I asked him what he was thankful for – “mama, for the soldiers … Continue reading


The sparrow-hawk

My mind is a funny thing. It often goes in circles to seek explanations for the seemingly puzzling actions of others, but gently glides over my own incongruities. Forgiving and knowing, kind and curious – the best shape of love. And so I am encouraged to, ever so slightly, steer my compass and safely escape, for … Continue reading


Labour of love

I was raw tonight. My baby girl, L, turns two tomorrow and a surprise with decorations early in the morning would be a great start to the day. Besides, her older brother K had insisted on birthday cake for breakfast and mama had complied. To create the perfect ambiance, balloons were needed but the damn … Continue reading


I bought a dress at a store today. A proper brand new dress from a proper store at the mall. For those who know me, know I thrive on vintage, thrift store finds – nothing like the rush of a well-cut piece of clothing for twelve dollars. But this one, with its asymmetric hem, brooding … Continue reading


Being thankful

It is Thanksgiving in Canada. I’m thankful for the health and happiness of my beautiful children and my own health. I am thankful to live in a beautiful house in a wonderful city and raise my children in an almost idyllic urban setting. In a time when the displaced refugees from Syria number 11 million, … Continue reading


Hello, New York City!

I threw myself into the kids this past week. We left Toronto for New York City – first time south of the border for both K and L. We went all out in the five days – trekked the Highline, marvelled at its offering of urban greenery straddled by new and interesting architectural developments and … Continue reading


The elephant(s) in the room

I am happy to say that this weekend we put in some time and finished up K’s space!  It used to be our tiny guest room with an uncomfortable and not terribly stylish Ikea bed.  Still tiny, here is what it looks likes now.     The space is simple, serene, and reflects K’s love of … Continue reading


Progress in K’s new room

We have been making progress slowly in K’s room.  The slats were cut at home depot and the elephant bedspread arrived. The bed is done! The bedspread is a bit more peachy than it looked over the internet but its really well made and the elephants are even more vibrant in person. The Buddha pop-art doesn’t … Continue reading


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