source earthy conversations midnight resurrections early morning drive-throughs. flowering orgies solitary bedrooms mirrors in the Gladstone. fingers interlocked your name escapes my lips soaked in moans. tangled in thoughts of you.


image courtesy If you haven’t already heard, Miike Snow’s Genghis Khan, you’re missing out on a soul/synth catchy song that can make jealousy an alluring prospect. Personally, I’m more Cleopatra, but I can’t help dance to this one. The video seems to be a throwback to The Manchurian Candidate (the original), with modern dance, a prosthetic … Continue reading


farewell starman

image courtesy A little girl in India dancing with her dad – “papa, how can you dance away the blues – blue is a colour.” let’s dance. On the floor, rolling in uncontrollable laughter. with my brother. the laughing gnome In an animated conversation in university. My friend noting the use of ‘china’ exotifies asian woman in the … Continue reading


knowing when to stop

Image courtesy A couple days ago, I came across a piece in the NYT Magazine – The Terrible Beauty of Brain Surgery.  The feature image is of a beautiful woman with haunting brown eyes who has a distant, zombie-esque expression.  The article chronicles, through evocative examples, the intriguing, life-saving, yet macabre world of awake craniotomy.  Yes, … Continue reading



Image courtesy In poetry Beneath my hands your small breasts are the upturned bellies of breathing fallen sparrows. In pictures Eric Pickersgill ‘Removed’ series   – captures our addiction to devices in haunting reenactments. Kick it up to fullscreen for the full effect. In person Carl Richard’s NYT piece on the ubiquitous “imposter syndrome.” A relief … Continue reading


another hallelujah

I’d given my nurse the weekend off My meals were ill prepared My typewriter had turned mute as a tomb And my piano crouched in the corner of my room With all its teeth bared All its teeth bared All its teeth bared All its teeth bared. The tears are welling in my eyes again … Continue reading


And in entertainment….

Things I’ve watched: Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes) is a gripping and macabre collection of six short stories. Each with wild revelations, strange coincidences, deranged plots and rage-induced revenge. All the savagery is brought to life with an enamoring cinematography. My mom who is averse to such vivid and distasteful displays of rancor watched it with … Continue reading

Men don’t protect you anymore

This week, two poignant and timely reads came upon me in full force serendipity. Days of Abandonment by Elena Ferrrante, translated from Italian, in a very raw  tone, chronicles the descent of a woman after her husband suddenly abandons her, and the subsequent reconstruction of her life.   An all too common feeling, and conveyed with … Continue reading

bedroom feature

Maim me, tame me

In relationships, sometimes there is a thin line between being yourself and sabotaging the togetherness. If the distinction becomes blurred, then sabotage triumphs and it is time to move on. We are creatures of patterns, often beautiful and intricate like an Escher sketch, but equally frequent, sad and distasteful. You can have grace to fill … Continue reading


black holes and revelations

One hundred and forty mountain climbs, forty push-ups, and crazy amount of lunges that leave my quads screaming for days. Progress.  In my head, emotions are usually at bay, but sometimes there are triggers.  A sinking nod that after all that self-love, the feeling of resilience was temporary and something as silly as discovering my copy of … Continue reading


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